Working Together: Conversations For Cultivating Workplace Wellbeing

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Whether you want to get to know your coworkers as real people, gain valuable insights about working styles and preferences, or facilitate team bonding, Working Together will be your new favorite collaborator. Featuring over 150 questions that span 6 workplace appropriate categories.

Break the ice with GET FAMILIAR or kick start a mentorship session with GROW — each category is designed to facilitate a different flavor of workplace banter. Or pull out all six categories and roll the die for more diverse gameplay. Designed to enhance our work and our lives, you’ll discover new insights as you play again and again.

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Customer Reviews

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Greater connection

I’ve tried several tools, but the gaming aspect, along with the insight gained from the thought provoking questions was exceptional. Super happy about this purchase. Definitely worth the value of the experience cultivated using this product. Smiling!

Meagan Scarbrough
Thoughtful conversation starter

Purchased this deck for a work happy hour. It is full of great thought provoking questions. Received great feedback from employees and leaders that want to continue to use the decks for other events and group meetings. Highly recommend!

Marina Patton
Great for Teams!

So far, I've used in a group interviewing process where I had team members pull a card to interview a potential candidate. It was fun and made them feel included in the hiring process for someone they would be working with. I also used a category in our monthly happy hour for group discussion going instead of side convos.

Perfect gift!

As a longtime fan of the original deck, I decided to get the working together deck as a gift for a supervisor, and she loved it! Great convo starters and thoughtful questions.

Jonathan Brandel
Great Gift!

I got this as a gift for a friend. Excited to for them to receive and play with them. Love that questions are themed and a die to roll to choose between them.

Working Together: Conversations for cultivating workplace wellbeing

150 question cards

We tested our questions obsessively to make sure they’d spark the most interesting, intimate, and enjoyable conversations. We’ve also included our signature interactive cards that allow you to share tips, compliment, and assign roles to other players, which ensures the game changes every single time you open the box!

Stylish box

Perfect for gifting, we didn’t rest until we had a design-forward box that we ourselves would be proud to display in the cutest conference room!

Wooden die

Each side of the die corresponds with one of our six categories. Roll and take turns drawing cards for structured game play—the box includes instructions for both a competitive and non-competitive version. You can also give the die a break and pull cards randomly at any moment you want to add a little extra oomph to the conversation!

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