Raunchier Together: An Adult Party Game To Build Intimacy & Let Loose

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Warning: this deck has been known to cause the best night ever. Whether you want to get wild on a group trip, have a dinner party no one will forget, or take hanging out with your partner to the next level, these R-rated cards have you covered.

With over 150 games, dares, and juicy conversation-starting questions, Raunchier Together is a guaranteed good time. Designed to facilitate hilarity, vulnerability, and connection through debauchery, you’ll discover new insights as you play again and again.

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Raunchier Together Review

Love it! So fun and a great conversation starter.

Janel Hovde
Bought as a gift

This is exactly what they were looking for

Best Convo Starter

Bought this for my partner for Valentine's Day and we spent the whole night having great conversations. We laughed, we cried, we stripped. Buying another for a bachelorette weekend.

best valentine’s day ever!

Bought this deck for Valentine’s Day just to spice things up a little bit and it delivered!!! A lot of people use Valentine’s Day to become physically intimate, but I wanted to switch it up this year and become emotionally intimate with my husband! :)
It was so fun exploring different topics that we hadn’t discussed before. I have the original deck and I loved it so much (I take it everywhere), so I thought this one would be fun for us together. What I love the most about it is that you can do it anywhere!! You just need the cards!
It doesn’t have to be like a formal-sit-down-with-rules game. There is dice with this one that is not with the original, but I kind of love that it took the guesswork out of choosing a category!!! Once again the decks are 🔥🔥!!

Great Game!!!

I bought this card game for a valentine's day present for my fiance. Just the two of us played it and it was really fun! We were a little bashful at first but got comfortable by the end. We learned a lot about what each other likes and other fun facts ;) Not sure I'm ready to play with a group because some of the questions are very personal, but that's my own issue. Buy it to spice things up in your relationship and to learn more about your partner! The cards are also beautifully decorated!

Avery Armstrong

Bought this to play with my partner on Valentines Day, and lemme just say…we had a grand time. Laughs, honesty, and intimacy on a new level! Highly recommend this deck — it’s fun with partners or a group of friends! 💕

Sarah Torok
Fun date night game with my partner!

My partner and I love playing this and the original while we have dinner! I think it will be super fun to bring on my bachelorette party also. Thanks Liz!!

Excellent Pillow talk for me and my husband

I’ve loved batting through these questions with my husband. It has given us opportunities to get to know each other on a deep level that I thought after so many years wouldn’t be possible! Excited to bring to a girls night soon as well.

Melissa Parreira

Raunchier Together: An Adult Party Game To Build Intimacy & Let Loose

Emily Susavage
So much fun!!

Liz is so thoughtful with everything she does with her podcast and I expected no less for her game. It was the perfect housewarming gift for my friend.

150 question cards

We tested our questions obsessively to make sure they’d spark the most interesting, intimate, and enjoyable conversations. We’ve also included our signature interactive cards that allow you to share tips, compliment, and assign roles to other players, which ensures the game changes every single time you open the box!

Stylish box

Perfect for gifting, we didn’t rest until we had a design-forward box that we ourselves would be proud to display on our coffee table!

Wooden die

Each side of the die corresponds with one of our six categories. Roll and take turns drawing cards for structured game play—the box includes instructions for both a competitive and non-competitive version. You can also give the die a break and pull cards randomly at any moment you want to add a little extra oomph to the conversation!

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