We're All In This Together: Journal Prompts For Creating Your Healthiest, Happiest Life

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A journaling prompt deck like no other, We’re All In This Together is designed for not only contemplation, but action. You’ll get to know yourself on a deeper level and figure out the steps required to make your dreams come true. Featuring questions utilizing the latest in psychology & mindset research, you’ll explore your past, embrace your present, and propel yourself toward your ideal future. With 150 self-reflection cards across 6 categories, this deck is guaranteed to change your life.

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Customer Reviews

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Savannah Gough
So grateful

Love these prompts! My partner and I have used them to create healthier conversions in our one on one time


It was amazing to go through those cards and put real thought into the answers. It’s open for a type of conversation in a way we really need it.


I love the cards i am looking forward to using them for my upcoming family event. I appreciate the thought that has gone into making the cards a hit!

Hoping it helps my PIL's marriage

My parents-in-law have been marriage for over 30 years, and they've become increasingly unhappy with their relationship. I've heard the D word a handful of times from my MIL (especially recently), and they've both said they're trying to be better partners. John Gottman, PhD (author of 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work) has done fantastic research into why marriages succeed and fail, and some of his biggest points are that strong friendships and deep understanding of each other's lives and perspectives underly the strongest marriages. We got these cards (and Gottman's book!) for my FIL for father's day to help them with their quest for a deeper/stronger partnership, and we all played the game together after dinner. It was a great success! Lots of interesting questions, and the game format with the die is great. We played where everyone answered all the questions that came up, and they really require thoughtful answers. It's super fun to hear what everyone has to say about them, and there are definitely some questions that you think you'll know what someone will say to it but then they have a different answer. Really helps you learn more about what's important to people, how they consider life and the things they've been through, and their perspectives. Highly recommend - can't wait to play with them again!

I have a crush on this game.

Since buying this game, I’m getting distracted during the day, fantasizing about what prompt I’m going to get that night when I journal! This game has immeasurably improved my journal practice, and I’ve been recommending it to any friend or coworker that will listen. This deck gamifies the art of journaling just enough that it takes you on a journey while still giving you a sense of agency.

Rhyannon Gonzalo
love the questions

helps to slow down and connect with the important ideas in life

Better than expected

You get a glimpse of a few questions in the picture but the totality of the questions are so much better and deeper than the examples you can see. You won’t be disappointed! I bought one for myself and one as a gift for a friend. If you or anyone in your life is in a period of self exploration, get this for them.

Like another review said, there is no key for the cards (at least in the first printing) but I figured out the colors match up. A key isn’t even necessary, easiest change is for the directions to include that you match the color of the picture on dice to the color of the card.

I love the deck!

This is such a well-made and thoughtful product. I’ve already enjoyed two prompted journal sessions. And I’m excited for all the future possibilities it contains! The cards are such high quality, and rolling the dice adds a fun element that makes me excited to sign down and journal. The questions I’ve read/answered so far have been amazing.

I also want to note that the customer service is incredible. The Healthy Convo Co team is truly so great. I’m glad I bought the deck and will probably buy one of the other products sometime soon. I’m hooked!

Perfect Gift

I bought this deck as a gift to a friend who loves journaling!! He loved it and is so excited to start using the deck.

Camille Amador
Everything Liz does is GOLD!

Liz Moody's podcast and products have improved so many facets of my life immeasurably. Her card decks are a genius way to improve any relationship- friends, family, partners, and most importantly, your relationship with yourself. Do yourself a favor and follow this woman and use her products and recs!

Working Together: Conversations for cultivating workplace wellbeing

150 journaling prompts

We used all of the latest psychology and mindest research to create journaling prompt questions that truly allow you to reflect on your past, explore your present, and create the future of your dreams.

Stylish box

Perfect for gifting, we didn’t rest until we had a design-forward box that we ourselves would be proud to display in the cutest conference room!

Wooden die

Each side of the die corresponds with one of our six categories. Roll and take turns drawing cards for structured game play—the box includes instructions for both a competitive and non-competitive version. You can also give the die a break and pull cards randomly at any moment you want to add a little extra oomph to the conversation!

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