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Such a great find!

Recently bought this deck and couldn’t be happier. My fiancé and I played it together and then we brought it to thanksgiving and it was honestly amazing. It’s great how much a conversation starter each of these cards creates. We only got through a few of the cards but talked for hours. 100% recommend to everyone.

Healthier Together: Conversations For Creating Your Healthiest, Happiest Life

Game changer!

Love this deck! Lead nights relaxing with my husband by a campfire from “to do list” planning to real conversations that provided insights I did not know to his thoughts and dreams. Highly recommend!!

So fun!

Very interesting questions. Beautiful cards, so many topics. A +

Fun cards for couples or a group.

I love conversation cards. These cards are so open ended I can imagine using them over and over again. I love the categories it allows players to choose their level of vulnerability. LOVE!

My boyfriend and I loved Healthier Together; the cards get you talking and help you navigate topics that normally would not come up. We had a great time getting to know each other better especially from two super quiet introverts who prefer anything other than talking about themselves.

Love this!

So great for opening up conversation and getting to know people on a deeper level.

love it

got this for my sister for her bday because she loves to skip the small talk and have fun convos when we go out! she was so excited & now keeps it in her purse. great conversation starter!

Great conversation starter!

I honestly was a little nervous to bring these out during a family gathering but it went soso well! The questions were engaging but not too daunting. I learned things about my parents that I never knew. We all liked that everyone had a chance to speak - it's not always easy when majority of your family is super outgoing while there are others that can't get a word in :) this allowed everyone to speak up and share their thoughts. Thank you for making this! Will be bringing to many social events.

Best deck! Great for friends and family too- gives you the opportunity to get fun surface level cards with fun answers and also important deep answers- i love it

Great for roadtrips!

My hubby and I have enjoyed these questions while on a long road trip!

Fun game, expanding friendships!

I first had to get around the price just for a questions game, but this one is well worth it. I go on a lot of vacations with friend groups, that often involve hours long drives. This deck of cards really does help the time pass, while growing friendships deeper!

Grateful for the HT deck

I’ve played this with my family, my siblings, and family friends. The deck awesome for all different ages and groups of people. It brought about deep conversation, tears, and belly laughs. It got EVERYONE off their phones and engaged with the people around them. It was so well received by each group as well. We all enjoyed it. The conversation and quality time with family that this deck brings is priceless.


This deck is so fun, engaging and beautiful too! I got the deck for our upcoming family vacation, but my husband and I couldn’t wait so we got a few cards out early - the conversations/discussions that followed were so great! Can’t wait to engage in fun, meaningful conversations with friends and family :)

Learn so much!

Great questions to ask anytime. Fun way to learn more about family and friends!


Played it with my fam and boyfriend and it was such a great game my mom ended up buying it too for her coworkers as a gift! Such great deep questions and so fun to learn about others ❤️

Coffee table must-have

As a avid listener of the "Healthier Together" podcast, I heard Liz promoting The Deck. I decided to order it for myself and OMG you guys, it brings a new level of fun to the party. Now, I am the textbook definition of an extrovert but my in-laws not so much. I broke out The Deck while my sister-in-law was staying with us last week and I got to know her more in those three days than I did the last ten years. We had so much fun pulling cards and really opening up to one another. 10/10 stars. I put it on my coffee table in our great room so that we can use it anytime we have guests or just whenever really. I know what I am getting everyone on my Christmas list this year. Thank you Liz, The Deck is truly fantastic.

Great questions

The questions in the deck are great. There is a variety of topics and seriousness in each topic. It has really helped my relationship.

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