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My gf and I have a great time playing this game together!

Deep Questions!

My wife and I are very satisfied with these cards. We played for the first time last night and we both found the questions to be thoughtful and generate deep responses by each of us. I was skeptical of these being good, but we were both pleasantly surprised!

Got deep and had fun

Bought this for my boyfriend for a romantic couple trip and we had so much fun! We mainly only used the talking categories but loved the conversations it started!

Best Christmas Gift

I bought this as a Christmas gift and I CANNOT wait to gift it! As a long time lover of the podcast, the book and conversation pack will not disappoint!

So grateful

Love these prompts! My partner and I have used them to create healthier conversions in our one on one time

So fun!

I played this game with a small group of girlfriends and we had a blast. Highly recommend!

It was amazing to go through those cards and put real thought into the answers. It’s open for a type of conversation in a way we really need it.

Great Ice Breaker

At a glance it seems wonderful, can't wait to fully enjoy it.

Great deck if cards with loads of info. Great for personal or family gathering

I love the cards i am looking forward to using them for my upcoming family event. I appreciate the thought that has gone into making the cards a hit!

A great tool for therapists

I’ve been using this card game to facilitate meaningful dialogue in group therapy. The die and cards are disarming to clients who would otherwise be removed from discussion. There is a nice balance of fun and serious questions, which allows the group to titrate between light and heavy subjects. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to any therapist who is looking for an engaging check-in or group bonding activity. I’ve also used the game over the phone with loved ones. It’s a great way to spice up conversations.

Greater connection

I’ve tried several tools, but the gaming aspect, along with the insight gained from the thought provoking questions was exceptional. Super happy about this purchase. Definitely worth the value of the experience cultivated using this product. Smiling!

Family get togethers

Brings up great conversations that probably wouldn’t come up.
My older children and l love playing games when we get together and I brought yours to Our Colorado family (children) and they enjoyed it!

Hoping it helps my PIL's marriage

My parents-in-law have been marriage for over 30 years, and they've become increasingly unhappy with their relationship. I've heard the D word a handful of times from my MIL (especially recently), and they've both said they're trying to be better partners. John Gottman, PhD (author of 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work) has done fantastic research into why marriages succeed and fail, and some of his biggest points are that strong friendships and deep understanding of each other's lives and perspectives underly the strongest marriages. We got these cards (and Gottman's book!) for my FIL for father's day to help them with their quest for a deeper/stronger partnership, and we all played the game together after dinner. It was a great success! Lots of interesting questions, and the game format with the die is great. We played where everyone answered all the questions that came up, and they really require thoughtful answers. It's super fun to hear what everyone has to say about them, and there are definitely some questions that you think you'll know what someone will say to it but then they have a different answer. Really helps you learn more about what's important to people, how they consider life and the things they've been through, and their perspectives. Highly recommend - can't wait to play with them again!

Good conversation is possible!

My husband and I have been happily married for 63 years but we feel like there’s not much to discover anymore about each other. Consequently, we have been using some form of conversation cards for the past several years. We recently purchased your Healthier Together cards and are enjoying them very much. The questions seem to have more depth to them than other cards we’ve used.

The game looks entertaining. Haven’t played yet. All the categories except Dare are filled with great ideas. Dare is surprisingly not as risqué as expected. However there is plenty to titillate or start an interesting conversation or experience!

Amazing product

I've bought other question starter-type games and nothing compares to the healthy convo ones! They are thoughtful, open ended, creative, portable and really brings me and my friends and family closer.

Love Love

Love this card game. It is helping mend my relationship and my friendships with new people. I would definitely recommend it

Even better than expected, and I was expecting it to be great!

Makes for the best conversations- I absolutely love this deck.

Insightful topics

My partner and I enjoyed doing the New York Times 36 Questions to Fall in Love and so this game was the right choice to keep that conversation going, learning more about each other


WORTH IT for building bridges with others. I Love this tool. It enhances in-depth conversations in a relaxed manner with friends and family. It creates memorable, valuable lasting impressions because we all wish to BE KNOWN and KNOW OTHERS with a deeper sense of understanding.

Thoughtful conversation starter

Purchased this deck for a work happy hour. It is full of great thought provoking questions. Received great feedback from employees and leaders that want to continue to use the decks for other events and group meetings. Highly recommend!

Started great conversations! Will definitely use in team meetings and for events.

Excellent Cards for Group Process

These cards are great! I ordered them to use for group processing in a substance use treatment center and they have proved to be amazing! Great cards to get healthy conversations flowing!

Awesome conversation starters

I love this idea. I hate dry conversations…and I long for having deep relationships/friendships and thought provoking conversation. This has definitely elevated our minds. And in a way just having these cards is therapeutic because we (my husband and I) surround ourselves with the kind of people who would get into this as well

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