Healthier Together: Conversations For Creating Your Healthiest, Happiest Life

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Back and better than ever! After three sold out runs, we listened to your feedback and released a version of the deck we hope you’ll love even more. New additions include: a die for more structured play, elimination of R-rated content so you can enjoy with anyone in your life, and new questions designed for even more connection and fun.

Our flagship conversation starter game, Healthier Together: The Deck, is perfect for anyone who wants to make dinner parties more lively, develop intimacy with their partner, eliminate surface banter on a first date, get to know their parents as real people, take the boredom out of long road trips or connect with new and old friends!

Featuring 150 obsessively tested questions (including our signature interactive questions) in 6 thoughtfully chosen categories. Designed to stimulate satisfying, hilarious, and meaningful conversation, you’ll discover new insights as you play again and again.

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Customer Reviews

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Kristen Rosso
Love the healthier together deck!

I gave the deck as a Christmas gift to a friend who has told me that she and her partner have been having so much fun going through the questions… at the dinner table, during a car ride, literally anywhere! They are so much fun and a really great way to engage more deeply in meaningful relationship. Now I just need to get the deck for myself!

Meredith Winokur
Great questions!

Looking forward to bringing this on a mountain cabin trip. The questions are definitely thought provoking.

Ashleigh V.

Wonderful deck with great questions to pass time and learn more about family and friends!

Christa Brennan
I dig it

The questions are exactly what I was hoping they'd be. Insightful, clever, revealing and fun. Good quality cardstock and nice design. Would buy again.

Kimberly H
Fun and intriguing!

Great game for couples to play when things can just get boring sometimes. It was easy for my partner and I to get lost in our conversations inspired by the game cards.

Absolutely amazing

I brought this cube home over the winter holiday, and it truly made the trip. The conversations our family had around the dinner table were everything from deep to witty. It was asked to be pulled out every night!

Excellent game to play with family!

This game made great conversations and funny memories come to the dining room during the holidays! Thanks!


Loving the deck!! Incredible way to get to know each other and has sparked some really wonderful conversations!

Alison Bateman

We have only tried a few questions so far but already loving it!

Emily Johnston
"Look at this little game leading us into deep conversations"

Got this as stocking stuffer for my partner. At first there may have been a semi-sarcastic attitude of, "Gee thanks," but that quickly changed as he was drawn in to answering and discussing the prompts.
We've been leaving the cards out stacked in their categories on the dining room table so they are easy to pick up on a whim. We both really like the "growing up" category... The prompts to talk about something from childhood and relate it back to how or why we may see the world today has given us each a better understanding of why we might act the way we do in various settings. I've felt myself have more compassion for him and have felt seen when he's said things like, "Wow, I guess I never realized that, but it makes a lot of sense."

150 question cards

We tested our questions obsessively to make sure they’d spark the most interesting, intimate, and enjoyable conversations. We’ve also included our signature interactive cards that allow you to share tips, compliment, and assign roles to other players, which ensures the game changes every single time you open the box!

Stylish box

Perfect for gifting, we didn’t rest until we had a design-forward box that we ourselves would be proud to display on our coffee table!

Wooden die

Each side of the die corresponds with one of our six categories. Roll and take turns drawing cards for structured game play—the box includes instructions for both a competitive and non-competitive version. You can also give the die a break and pull cards randomly at any moment you want to add a little extra oomph to the conversation!

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